Pre-med to MD Program


Pre-med to MD program


The Pre-med to MD program is a 6.5 years program ideal for high school graduates and non-traditional students who are all set to pursue careers in medicine. They may complete the first two years of the program at AICASA (American International College of Arts and Sciences – Antigua). The rest of 4.5 years of the study shall be completed at AUA including 2 years of clinical rotations across the USA. The curriculum of the program provides a comprehensive approach to premedical training, emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills.

Program Summary

  • 6.5 years program
  • 2 years pre-med at AICASA
  • 4.5 years MD program at AUA which includes 2 years of Clinical Rotations in the USA
  • This program is for students who have completed Grade 12

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